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Please note that, at present, RESPRIME is only active in Sub-Saharan Africa.

RES PRIME is a Non-Profit Company established by RES, one of the leading mineral exploration consultancies in Africa, in order to ensure greater Professional Rigor in Mineral Exploration (PRIME) among young geoscience graduates.  

Partnering with Geoscience Faculties at Tertiary Institutions in Southern Africa, RES PRIME assists these Faculties in developing greater practical knowledge and application of fieldwork skills amongst Geoscience Graduates.

To achieve this, RES PRIME is guided by RES and other companies in Industry in terms of what the real-world needs of Exploration Companies are and, especially, how these industry needs translate to skills required of young Geoscience Graduates.

These insights, in turn, are shared with Geoscience Faculties towards ensuring alignment of especially Post-Graduate Curriculums to Industry needs, thus increasing the employability of recent Graduates and ensuring the continued high level of excellence within the exploration industry.



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Finding employment as a recent Graduate in any field is challenging, but even more so in Geosciences where academic understanding is not enough and proven application of this knowledge is expected.

For years, RES has purposely and pro-actively employed recent Graduates, choosing to employ based on character rather than work experience. Since there is a limit to how many young recent Graduates can be employed at a time, RES created a six-month Internship Programme that provides an opportunity for the company to screen potential Candidates, while also allowing the Intern the opportunity to gain real work experience and a better understanding of what working as an Exploration Geologist is really like.

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Interns are brought into the business and get to experience and participate in every aspect of the business.

It's about more than Geology…

In contrast to formalised schedule-based Internship Programmes, an Internship at RES exposes recent graduates not only to the geological aspects of exploration, but also the realities of being away from the comforts of home for long periods of time, the complex operational challenges of working in foreign jurisdictions that often lack even basic infrastructure and the dynamics of working in a close-knit team. In addition, Interns gain a working understanding and experience in geophysics, geochemistry, exploration geology as well as the operational and logistical aspects of exploration projects.

Mandated by RES to administer the process of recruiting, screening and appointing Interns, RES PRIME has full responsibility of ensuring both the quality of learning received and of Interns contracted with.

Upon successfully concluding their Internship at RES, Candidates receive a Certificate with commensurate CPD points from relevant Industry Bodies and now have notable work experience to add to their CV.

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The last decade has seen a steady decrease in the extent and quality of practical field training of Geoscience Students globally. 

Motivated to ensure that geoscientists continue to gain high quality field experience, RES has Partnered with Geoscience Departments at leading Universities in Southern Africa (Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Namibia) to facilitate the running of Field Schools.


While the focus is primarily to train Post Graduate Students, the opportunity also extends to:

  • Junior staff with about 1-3 three years professional experience

  • Field technicians with sufficient field experience

  • Persons between jobs who wish to improve their field skills.


RES, together with the WITS School of Geosciences offers high-achieving students the unique opportunity to gain on-the-ground mineral exploration work experience, while studying towards an MSc in Economic Geology.

Not only do successful candidates get the opportunity to work with one of the leading Mineral Exploration Consulting businesses in Africa, the full tuition for their MSc is paid for by RES as well as earning a basic salary for the duration of their Studies.

Students are brought into the business giving them real life experience, by exposing them to real-world challenges, creating the opportunity to develop into a well-rounded Exploration Geologist.



RES PRIME has established relationships with Geoscience Faculties at leading Tertiary Institutions in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia towards achieving the shared goal of developing the next generation of passionate explorers.

To accomplish this, RES PRIME and these Faculties work together on various initiatives and projects where our ambitions align in the transference of skills that may assist in fast-tracking the skills development of Geoscience Students.

Examples of shared initiatives and projects include:

  • support in planning and running geology student field trips;

  • guest lectures at the University’s Geology Department;

  • assisting MSc students with access to research topics and data;

  • assistance in raising the profile of the University’s geology programme;

  • sponsoring suitable MSc students (tuition) through the RES PRIME programme;

  • assisting the University in gaining credibility towards unlocking other sponsorship opportunities;

  • creating and offering field technician skills programmes and certificate training courses.

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RES PRIME maintains affiliations with leading national and international institutions and organisations towards ensuring that the knowledge we share and impart is relevant, practical and of the highest quality and value. In addition, through the credibility of our Affiliate Network we guarantee that any course undertaken through RES PRIME is accredited by the leading quality assurance body and that Candidates can claim the commensurate CPD points.



Through our relationship with RES and other leading organisations within the Mining Industry, RES PRIME can offer Courses and Workshops to Industry, specific to Exploration Geology, which include;

  • Mineral Exploration

  • Exploration Geophysics

  • Exploration Geochemistry

  • Basic Geological Tutorials

Specific details of what is included in each course and what the Learning Outcomes should be will vary and depend on the specific client needs.

Please note that, at present, RESPRIME is only active in Sub-Saharan Africa.



Unit 14, Block B, M5 Park, Eastman Road, Maitland, 7405

+27 21 531 0400

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